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Sunday, May 3, 2009

Finished The Marathon; Here's the Journey

Just finished the Fort Collins, Colorado marathon through Poudre Canyon.  Here's a breakdown of the last 12 hours; kinda interesting:

8pm - My wife and I are trying to sleep but there's kids acting like fools in the hallway.  Now, we're parents so we understand but come on, this hotel was the sponsor for the marathon and they told everyone at the front desk to keep it down.

1am - woke up briefly and looked outside; it was raining hard; sure hope it stops.
3am - wake up call.  time to get dressed.  the bus picks up at 4:45 am
5am - dropped off at the starting point in the canyon.  pitch dark.  bus leaves us and it's only 33 degrees outside.  we looked like a nice snack for the mountains lions.  finally, another bus shows up and lets us sit in the hallway
6:15am - race starts
* I feel good through mile 8; relaxed on mile 9-11 then pushed it until mile 18; then at mile 18 i got a bit tired; juiced up and pushed ahead; a lot of folks cheering us on at this point; i thank each and every one of them; it helps a lot
* mile 22, someone dropped a piano on me.  i had nothing else.  next 4.2 miles was going to be a complete physical and mental battle.
* mile 23. not sure if i have it in me to finish then reminded myself of all the hard work; looked at folks with one leg pushing through and all their spirit; i had no excuse but to deal with the pain and push through
* mile 24.  my left hamstring almost popped.  lucky it didn't so i slowed down significantly
* mile 25.5.  i can see the finish.  i'm going to do this.  i don't emotion much but inside more feelings were flowing than i can describe.  i accomplished a major goal in life; a goal i set for myself  3 years; finish a marathon before i turn 40 (i turn 40 in 10 days) and finish under 4hrs.; i finished in 3 hrs. 9 min.
* finish line.  just awesome.  thinking about my baby and hoping she is doing well; waiting for her to finish.  she is my inspiration.

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