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Friday, May 22, 2009

1st Step Toward Barefoot Running

What's life without personal challenges?  A somewhat boring on in my opinion.  Through my research of why my heel and achilles hurts, I'm convinced we have no clue about running.  Going forward, I'll continue studying the indigenous peoples of the world who have been running 100's of miles without pain or injury and doing so well past the age of 90.  In most cases, they run barefoot and that's my ultimate goal.  The first step is to graduate down to a minimalist shoe, then run in Vibram five fingers (or Hirachi sandles), then begin running barefoot.  

Today was my first step toward my goal and my next life in running.  This will be a process as it will require me to go back to ground zero and change and rebuild my entire running posture and muscles.  I ran in my first low profile shoe this morning which is the Asics Gel Hyper Speed 3.  It wa a great run, 7.28 miles in 1:05:37.  I didn't strike my heel at all; it was all midfoot to toes which is how the body was meant to run.  I also purchased the Vibram five fingers and I did run up and down the block on payment (it's very close to run barefoot).  I was to slowly graduate to this to world of barefoot running.

I'm very excited as my feet felt so free and natural.  I'm convinced the major running companies (like Nike) know they are trying to help with the rampant injury problem with runners.  After 20 years, the injury rate (8/10 every year) for runner's remains constant.  How is this?  How can we have all this technology and continue to rack up the number of injuries yearly while many indigenous tribes run pain free.

Hmmm, makes you wonder?  Bottom line, it's about selling $150 shoes and not trying to put out a product that actually addresses the issues because that product is quite inexpensive to produce.

I'll keep providing updates on my journey.

Have a great weekend.



  1. I've been using the Vibram's myself for about two months, but not for any distance running (yet). The gym I belong to mandates barefoot or Vibram-only training. It has made a big difference in reducing some of my old nagging leg injuries from strength training and sprints that we do at the gym. The shoes themselves took very little time to get accustomed to (very comfortable out of the box), but the barefoot feeling took a few days to adjust - but now its second nature. I've been considering a run in the Vibram's as well.

  2. That's great to hear. I just started limited running in the Vibrams (on trails) and my long runs in the Puma K-Street's if I'm on dirt/trails or Asics HyperGel 3's on hard surface. The theme is the less padding especially around the heel is the best all around.


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