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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

First Run Practically Barefoot

Just finished a 4.18 mile run in 41:52 in my Vibram Five Finger shoes which is basically running barefoot with a think slab of rubber under your feet.  It felt awesome!!!!!  I started very slow with a 12 min. mile then increased to 8:30 min. mile in the end and even did a .3 mile sprint sub 8:00 min. mile.  I got a kick out of folks faces as they looked at my feet.  To feel that good; to have your feet wake up and do what they were built to do; and to shred the fancy shoes that were damaging my feet feels great.

The shoe companies know very well what they are doing to folks; they are injuring folks and they don't care; and Nike is the #1 culbrit; they have all the raw data to know they are building shoes that cause injury.


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