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Monday, October 17, 2011

monday time to begin backing off for a few days . . .

I think it's time for a full back off week so I just ran a total of 30 minutes, including warmdown. Every 2-3 months based on how my body feels I'll cut back my running by nearly 50% to let my body (and mind) recover. I reduce my average weekly run from 45-50 min. to 20-30 min. and reduce my long run to 60 min.

I also try really hard to not run any sub 6:00 race pace during this time; I really try to get everything in the 8-9:00 range. Essentially it's a mental and physical vacation. I run by feel all signs are this is this time to back off. I also need to adjust for the winter as I have a slightly different running approach for the winter vs. spring/summer/fall.


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