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Friday, June 24, 2011

Wed. thru Friday . . . I now get "toe splay"

I'm a bit behind in my posts but I have a fun remainder of the week running including running with a few friends and a good hard tempo run, all in the Luna sandals. What has really struck me in the "toe splay" issue, that is, when you run barefoot, when you land your toes will expand so the question is can you toes fully expand at impact in traditional running shoes. I've come to the conclusion that the answer is "no." Only in sandal-like designed footwear can the toes fully expand because there's nothing on the top to interfere with the natural functioning of the foot.

The majority of running shoes have a narrow toe box so that restricts the foot, and even footwear with wider toe boxes, the top will compress at landing and push off even if it doesn't hurt with a soft mesh top. I'm not a proponent of barefoot running because you are barefoot but I'm a big fan of running in your natural state of which barefoot is the baseline. Every deviation from that baseline should be studied.


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