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Friday, June 10, 2011

Friday, June 10th . . . Am I turning into a Luna? . . .

I definitely feel like I won the lottery this month. First, I get the Ultra and it ascends to the top of my running list, even surpassing the KSO. Then, for reasons I can't explain, I decide to start running in the Luna's and have done so practically this entire week. Today's experience was mind blowing. As I warmed up, my body felt great and told me it was race pace day so I started to increase my pace progressively over the first 30 minutes down to sub 6:00 and then decided to hold that pace for 15 minutes and it was the easiest sub 6:00 running I've ever done (about a 5:52 average, and I could have easily knocked off another :15 sec. per mile).

The amount of body control I had in the Luna's was second to none. The Ultra is close but the Luna provides a better barefoot like experience. My turnover was high but very easy but the biggest difference with the Luna vs. Ultra, Evo, KSO, Nike XC, MWU3, or any other footwear I've worn to date was 2 things. First, the Luna allowed me to run so compact and close to the ground, I was able to reduce vertical oscillation which allows for more efficient running. Second, practically every foot strike was my natural forefoot strike and not a mid-foot strike.

I keep very simple notes of my running and have done so over the past 4 yrs. Prior to day, I've had 3 of what I call unbelievable runs in that my form and technique was as perfect as I can imagine and the footwear on my feet was ideal. The first was the KSO, which then got topped by the Evo, which ultimately was topped by the Ultra. Today, the Luna topped all 3.

I'm almost speechless, and since I know how fast Patrick Sweeney runs in Luna's, I know I race in them!!! I have no idea how I got here, that is, to this point in life. I'm running in friggin' sandals . . . I would have laughed at anyone that told me even a year ago that I would run race pace in sandals . . . I couldn't ask for a more interesting, fun and life changing journey than what running has afforded me.


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