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Sunday, June 26, 2011

5k - 2nd place overall

I had one last hurdle to pass with the Luna's. I've run, trained and completed trial races in the Luna's and they simply rock, however, I had to run an actual race in them before I could call them the best footwear I've ever run in, so this morning I ran in a local 5k and finished 2nd overall.

This was, without question, the most difficult 5k course I've run. It was a loop course at elevation and quite hilly (4x800 meter hills). The first loop was on asphalt and the 2nd loop was on dirt. I was in first place for the first 800 meters then a runner who I immediately knew was a collegiate runner passed me and I decided at that point to tuck in behind him and I held the 2nd slot for the remainder of the race. It was clear at the 2 mile mark that I was not going to be able to catch him but I found out he was a former collegiate runner (miler and 800 meter specialist) so I felt good and I beat several other former collegiate runners.

I finished in 19:25 which is far off my PR but this was my best 5k race I've ever run considering the difficulty of the course. The 1st place winner could only muster a 19:01. The 1st place winner told me it was one of the harder 5k courses he has run.

Well, going forward I'm a Luna runner, plain and simple!!! Here's the great part . . . this is the best I've ever felt after a 5k race. I passed the finish line and I had absolutely no pain not even soreness. I took off my Luna's after the race and walked around barefoot until the medal ceremony. . . . I won a bunch of awesome coffee and a $500 gift certificate. All the entry fee money and donations went to support the Kibera Girls Soccery Academy located in Kibera, East Africa's largest slum.

The looks I had from folks looking at my Luna sandals was beyond classic. Before the race started, several folks looked at me like I was an idiot and that just fueled my fire :). One lady said, "really?" and another guy just shook his head . . . by the way I found that guy after the race and said "good race," with a major smile on my face and he just turned around in shame!!! I don't feel good about the encounter but no one should judge another runner and that pissed me off. On the good side, the 4th place finisher was running in Vibram's (very cool dude).

The control I had with the Luna's was unbelievable and the closest I've ever been to barefoot. Last hurdle crossed and now I'm a Luna runner . . . thanks BFT.



  1. Great race Harry. It sounds like you really love the Luna's and that they're working well for you.

    Just curious -- looking at Ted's site, what footbed (leather?) and type of laces did you get?


  2. Hey Al,

    I have the Originals with hemp laces using the single tying method.

    How are things with you?



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