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Friday, June 17, 2011

Friday, June 17th . . . race day pushed back 1 week

50 min. easy trail run in the Luna's. I switched the leather laces for the braided hemp laces and I prefer the hemp laces, even over the Equus laces. At race pace, I have a bit more security with the hemp laces.

I was all psyched to run my first 5k in the Luna's this Saturday, however, I drove over to check out the course at lunch today and after reviewing the course, there's no way I'm running that race.

Half the course is on a narrow concrete sidewalk along busy streets looking at cookie cutter houses. I have several issues with that. First, I try my best to avoid running on concrete (I can deal with asphalt but not concrete). Second, sidewalks are way too narrow for a race course as it's not fun trying to pass runners on a narrow sidewalk and there wasn't much room to jump to the side as the sidewalk was next to a busy street. Lastly, running along-side suburbia is not my idea of inspiring as the scenery sucked and that's a big time negative. Well, that's the bad news.

The good news is the following week there's a 5k ("Kick it for Kenya") that is a benefit event to support the Kibera Girls Soccer Academy in Kibera which is a neighborhood in Nairobi and is the largest sum in Nairobi and the 2nd largest slum in Africa. Can you say "fate" and meant to be. So now I have a major smile on my face because this was meant to be. What a great cause to support and the perfect race to debut in Luna's (I'd go barefoot if I could but I know this course and I would have to slow down big time to run it barefoot).


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