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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Tuesday, Nov. 30th - Day Off

This is my day off. For the past few years, Monday has always been my day off but since my daughter's tennis schedule changed, I had to swap Monday for Tuesday as my day off.

While that may seem like a simple enough of a change, it's actually a big change since Sunday is my longer tempo run (10-12 miles at 10k to half marathon pace) and I would then totally rest on Monday, now I need to do a short recovery run on Monday. However, it's nice to rest on Tuesday before Wednesday's hard interval workout.

For tomorrow, I 'll do a 1 hr. run and throw in several 1 mile pick-ups alternating between 5k and 10k pace, with 2 minute recovery in-between. I'm still deciding which shoes to wear, either my Evo's or Nike Air Zoom Streak XC's for the interval workout.


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