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Monday, November 22, 2010

Monday, Nov. 22nd - Day Off

This is my day off after the 5k race yesterday. I feel fine but I generally always take a day off after a Sunday race. This conservative approach generally pays off and has worked pretty well considering I haven't been injured in over 1 year. When you are running 5k paces, you think you are fine but in reality, your body is still recovering from all the micro-tears from running at that pace. The injuries that result from overdoing it don't hit right away as they build and slap you later so I've learned to be conservative on the front end in order to stay injury free on the back end.

I'm not sure which workout I will do tomorrow, either a hard interval road run or an easy run. It will be a game time decision as I will see how my body feels tomorrow morning. In fact, I may not decide which workout until after I warm-up so I can truly understand how my body feels.


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