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Friday, November 19, 2010

Friday, Nov. 19th Run

I've had several folks ask about my running program so I've decided to post (short) daily updates on my running starting with today's run.

I ran 5.23 miles in 47 minutes. It was a nice easy run with 6, 200 meter strides as I prepare for this Sunday's 5k race. My 200 meters strides were at the following paces: 6:59, 6:42, 6:50, 6:27 and 6:26. I did the strides on roads as Sunday's 5k is a road race. I do 95% of my running on dirt but I do get in some road running the week of races, if I'm racing on hard surface. The strides were meant to be comfortably hard and "not" race pace. My 5k race pace is around a 5:50 pace, so when I do comfortably hard strides, I try to get within :30 - :40 seconds of race pace for the last few strides . . . goal accomplished today. Basically, this drill is to do strides at 10k race pace, which is about a 6:25 pace for me.

I continue to focus on slightly shortening my stride while remaining comfortable and focusing on my landing to maintain a good center of gravity.

I ran in my Nike Zoom Streak XC's which I'll probably race in Sunday. For tomorrow, it's a nice very easy 30 minute run, which I'll do in my Evo's. I've pretty much settled in on a 3 shoe rotation: Terra Plana Evo's, Nike Air Zoom Streak XC's, and Nike Katana's.


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