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Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday run with my son, Nov. 27th

Today was a recovery day after yesterday's hill run. I was able to convince my son to run with me and it was one of those special father/son days. My son is 13 yrs. old and we finished 6.24 miles in 1:10:47 and it was a very enjoyable run. We also walked another 2 miles or so, so it was good aerobic workout day. It was also perfect for me because it forced me to run easy today which is ideal since tomorrow is my long run (with my long run tomorrow, I'll be in the 50 mile week range).

I think my son has some talent in the longer distances and I'm trying to convince him to try cross country in high school next year. He ran a 5k last week with me and will run another 5k in a few weeks.


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