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Thursday, November 18, 2010

Running, Politics and Corruption Collide

First of all, thanks to Luis for posting the following:

We often forget about the "ugly" side of sports and when sports and politics collide. This reminds me of the genocidal war that prevented some runners from making it out of the Rift valley to race. It reminds me of the political turmoil in some countries and how very lucky we are in some countries. To even think about the possibility of Haile being pressured or intimidated by the Woyane lead governmentis crazy but entirely possible and, personally I believe it's likely true (sure, Haile and Hermens have no choice but to deny it).

Just think about what Haile has at risk . . . the safety of his family and his business interests, and his obvious love for his country. Haile is a easy target for a corrupt government in Ethiopia. I'm sure there's more going on than we could ever realize.

We humans are great at poisoning the purest things in life!!!! I hope this isn't true but history would support a different conclusion.


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