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Sunday, November 28, 2010

Sunday tempo, Nov. 28th

I split my run into 2 parts: warm-up and a combination comfortable & tempo run. The first part was a fun run (warm-up) with my son covering 3.53 miles. He complained and complained then started to like it and ran his fastest the last mile (funny how that works). It's also hugely beneficial to me to run slower as a warm-up.

After dropping off my son, I moved into the tempo phase of my run. I covered 7.19 miles, averaging a 7:29 pace and increased pace slightly in the middle and covered 3 miles at a 6:46 pace. I continued to focus on my posture, running taller with a crisp shorter stride, and it felt great.

I'm feeling even better having returned to full time Evo running.


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