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Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Thursday

A nice run on the back trails where I can disappear from the world. I didn't see one person on the trails. The world was mine for a brief moment and I covert those types of moments and experience. This was another easy day run before tomorrow's hard hilly run. I finished 4.68 miles in 45:45 (9.46 pace). This is what the easy run is all about before I return to the 6:00 pace tomorrow. These types of easy days are effectively recovery days.

My body a bit tired and maybe that was due to playing 1 hr. of tennis late last night, and although I played tennis in high school and college, this was the first time I played in 8+ years (I'm thinking of getting back into the tennis thing also). I started to get a good stride later in the run and started to feel the ground. Feeling the ground for me results in an easy and effortless stride, hence why I can't run in marshmallow shoes.

I'm continue to go back and forth at times but each time I'm starting to feel like my body has less tolerance for racing shoes, even the XC's (I've basically regulated the Katana's to my tennis shoes). I expect the Evo will be my only running shoe yet again. What I really need is a Terra Plana trail shoe . . . TP are you listening?


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