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Thursday, December 17, 2009

You got to be committed; no quick fixes

What I've found is the long term approach actually helps me approach running and helps me on a day to day basis. I know all set backs are temporary and since I have a long term approach, the set backs aren't that big of a deal because I will make up for it (I may be frustrated but time is on my side). Also, it's easier to accept slow incremental improvements which is the reality of running because I may say, I've only added x miles or y sec. per minute improvement, but it will all add up years down the road. I may want to run a 6:15 per min. pace for a 10k but I'm at 7:00 right now but if I can shave :05 - :10 per year, then I'm on my way.

I'm was always a "instant gratification" person and this running thing has completely changed not only my approach to running but my approach to life. I thought I would easily conquer running because I was a really good college basketball player. Well, that was naive. I played basketball since I was 3 so by the time I reached college, I already had been playing 24x7 for 15 years . . . you don't make up that time with some quick scheme.

So, I've decided I'm a 40 yr. old beginner and, the thing is, that's so cool. I have the rest of my life to continue to improve. I almost feel reborn. I get to compete in a new sport, learn a new sport and learn new techniques, and meet all these cool new people that I learn from. I start to smile just thinking of the road ahead. Yes, it will be long but it will be fruitful. Running is mobile so you can do it anywhere/anytime and do it in the most beautiful places in the world. You can't say that about most other sports . . . I don't need a golf course, basketball court, soccer field, etc. I just need my feet, commitment and patience.

It really is a blessing for all that make the commitment.


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