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Sunday, December 27, 2009

Long Run Sunday

Finished a 14 mile run late this morning. Since we're coming out of a snow storm, the run consisted of a combination of packed snow, melting snow, and dry road. This made the run a bit tricky and I couldn't wear my YakTraks because they hurt on dry road. I was a little sore for the run as my weekly running schedule has not been as consistent in terms of when I run due to the holidays. I still finished a 40 mile week but it wasn't as disciplined with less sleep than normal which probably resulted in a more difficult long run.

Nevertheless, I completed it and I feel good about staying on schedule in terms of weekly miles.



  1. This all sounds great. Keep up the work and I am sure it will pay off. I'm not into competitive running so much anymore but I have set a challenge to see how many consecutive days I can run in a row.


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