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Friday, December 18, 2009

The Jitters; I miss em'

It hasn't been since my college basketball playing days that I've experienced the pre-game time jitters like I do right now. I've decided to do a lot of races over the next 13 months (5k, 10k, 10 milers and half marathons). I started running about 3 years ago and I ran alone for the first few years and only entered a few races: 5k, half marathon and marathon (I completed them all with respective times so I'm proud of that). But now I'm going to take it up a notch and I'll start competing a lot more . . . at least one race per month and 2 races in some months.

I think competition is good and the adrenalin rush is good for the body, mentally and physically. I remember the night before basketball games when I could hardly sleep. Well, the feeling is back. I've been thinking about tomorrow's race for the past few days. Thinking about what I need, what to bring, strategy for the race, how not to start too fast, how to finish strong, anticipating the weather . . . all the things that come with preparation.

I've been a little apprehensive, if not scared, to really get competitive with my running. In fact, I forgot what it was like to be competitive. It's about challenging ones self and the only way to challenge yourself is to compete. Throw away the excuses and sign up and run. You accomplish a lot by just showing up and competing.

I'm so glad I forced myself to compete again. I spend 21 yrs. competing at a high level in basketball and I forgot what it was all about . . . UNTIL NOW.


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