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Thursday, July 28, 2011

Thursday, July 28th . . . 2 mile PR

Had a 2 mile trail run this morning and set a new 2 mile PR in 11:11 (5:35 pace).

It was an effortless run again. I ran hard but controlled and never lost control of my breathing. I have no idea how/ when exactly I arrived at this place in my running but my god is it awesome. It also confirms that I don't need a watch (or Garmin) to know what/how I'm running as the "running by feel" approach is working awesome for

I'm also a big fan of the "Van Aaken Method" which is based on only doing "race pace running at small fractions of your racing distance each week," and specifically at a ratio of 20:1, that is 20 easy/ medium miles to 1 race pace mile. I run between 50-60 miles each week so I've cut back my race pace running to 3-4 miles per week. This is significantly less than I use to do but I haven't lost any speed and in fact, I'm running faster as a result of the focus on doing almost all my running in my aerobic zone and my aerobic pace has increased (no wonder the Kenyans are so damn fast after establishing that huge aerobic base running back and forth to school).


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