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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Sunday, July 3rd . . . livin' la veta loca . . .

I've had 2 wonderful days running in the Leadville's over some difficult mountain terrain (mountain trails and rocky country dirt roads) that has been too tough for all the previous minimalist footwear I've tried the past 3 years (it even ripped up the MWU3's in the past).

However, today I decided to use my Luna Originals (instead of the Leadvilles) and run the same trails/dirt roads in the Originals as I did in the Leadville's. I wasn't sure if it would be a wise decision as I wasn't sure if the Originals would provide sufficient protection. However, the Originals were awesome and I ran for almost 2 hrs. over tough and rocky stuff (trails and dirt roads) and I ranwith a full relaxed stride.

I was blown away. The plan was a recovery day where I'd run for 30-45min. but I was spending so much time amazed that I could run over this terrain in the originals that I finally looked up and I was 1 hr.from the house at the base of the mountains so I had to get back home butit all worked out wonderfully.

The Leadville's are great but I'll have to reserve them for even nastier stuff. The Originals are lighter and the ground feel is
supreme. I could see using the Leadville's for some hiking also.


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