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Monday, July 20, 2009

Week 2; All About My Barefeet

Starting week 2 of boycotting running shoes and only running barefoot or in Vibrams. Just finished a 6.27 mile run (3.01 miles barefoot; 3.26 in Vibrams) in 1:03:01 this morning. The terrain included concrete, asphalt, train and rocks but I was able to make it through. The key is to relax the body (similar to folks that lay on a bed on nails) as the key is to evenly distribute the stress throughout the body as opposed to isolated areas of the body. Also, you must bend your knees and keep your upper body straight.

There's something so refreshing to running barefoot; reminds me of being a kid.



  1. Your barefoot running progress interests me a great deal as I am contemplating the same thing: run barefoot or with Vibram sole protection. Why? Chronic running injuries. Now I'm taped up and about to re-ice a painful plantar faciitis injury. It's month two of little to no running trying to heal this thing. Good luck on Barefoot running.

  2. Thanks. I'm in the same boat as I've been dealing with painful Achilles Tendonitis which started during my training for a marathon I ran a few months ago and got worse after the marathon. I've committed to only running BF and VFF for the next 6 weeks, mostly BF. This is week #2 and my Achilles feels better than it has felt in 3 months; basically no pain. I was very skeptical at first but I'm starting to believe BF is the natural way to run and that shoes are the root of my problems. I run completely different BF . . . shorter strides and a stride rate with 20-30 more strides per minute vs. running in shoes.


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