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Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Fun Combo BF/VFF run

Had a great morning run. 8.74 miles with 3.91 miles barefoot and 4.83 miles in VFFs. My barefoot and VFF pace is basically the same as my pace was when I wore running shoes. Of course, I'll never wear traditional running shoes again. Running barefoot allows you to find your true running form, stride and pace. It turns on all your nerves and you can feel your feet strengthen. You become a more aware runner and a more cautious runner which is a good thing.

Just lovin' it.



  1. Iknow what you are saying you find it is awkward to run in shoes after you have been running barefoot for any lenght of time

  2. I hear you. You can even feel the difference b/t VFFs and BF although I'll probably always use my VFFs for harsher surfaces.


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