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Friday, June 26, 2009

Coming Back From Injury

Well, after 2 days off dealing with very sore achilles tendons which are very serious and must be dealt with carefully, I returned to the pavement today and knocked off 7.24 miles in 1:00:12 . . . a nice steady 8:12 pace. My achillies feel pretty good with only a little pain. This is the best they've felt in 10 weeks which is about the time I ran the marathon. The weeks b/f the marathon my achillies were so tender that you couldn't touch them. Today is the first day, post run, that I could touch my achilles and put preesure on them. For the past 2 day I've tried a very different type of rehab and one recommended by Swedish doctors which is "eccentric achilles tendon and calf muscle loading and strengthening." It's a difficult drill and a bit scary with sore muscles . . . a bit controversial but I did it and I think it had a bit role in me coming back in 2 days and feeling this good. I'll continue to do this exercise permanently.


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