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Friday, June 19, 2009

BF & VFF combo run

Just finished a nice 3.05 mile run. 1.5 miles in VFFs and 1.55 miles complete barefoot on asphalt street. It felt great. I also loved the drivers almost coming to a complete stop in disbelief that someone could run down a street barefoot. Oh yea and I wasn't going flow; sub 8:00 pace.



  1. Hey, how's the BF running compared to running in the VFFs? feel better or more-or-less the same?

    I'm somewhat scared running/walking completely BF.

  2. Definitely more feel running BF. I really like BF running although I haven't built up the toughness to run BF on trials so I usually run BF on asphalt, running track and concrete (hard surface actually feels good BF). I like the VFFs also but I don't like wearing them with socks so I probably can't wear them much in the winter.

    If you want to run BF, I recommend finding streets that you know are well kept. I located about 4 loops that equaled about 1.5 miles and ran them twice.


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