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Sunday, June 21, 2009

100% Barefoot

Just finished a morning father's day run of 4 miles (0:40:00) completely barefoot on the streets. Felt no pain unlike with shods. Loved the faces of the cars watching in amazement as I ran by barefoot.

Whole thing is perplexing isn't it? Dirty little secret the shoe companies don't want you to know? Maybe we don't need shoes. Maybe shoes is the problem. Maybe running is not hard on your body; if it is, then you are running wrong and with the wrong shoes (or too much of the shoes).



  1. Keep the barefoot updates coming - I have yet to jump in and run in the VFF. I use them for the gym (strength training) and some sprints, but no long runs (yet). Like you I am also adjusting my diet - more fruits, veggies, beans, nuts. Less meats & dairy. It is not easy. I am really seeing now just how dependent I was/am on animal products.

  2. No doubt. I'm 3 weeks into the new diet. Other than fish, no meat at all. Funny thing is I haven't lost any energy so I guess I don't need the meats; plenty of protein from beans + so many cool meals you can make with beans.

    I've recovered enough from my achilles injury (caused by me being stupid as I decided to run a 5:30 per mile pace and hurt myself; no need for me to run that fast; ego got in the way) to start back with VFF and BF running. I will did a 6 mile run in Shods this morning so I'll probably do a 1-2 mile BF run this evening.


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