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Thursday, August 13, 2009

Fast run in shods after boycott

after boycotting my running shoes for 4 weeks (me and my shoes decided to seperate and live apart for awhile until we could resolve our differences, otherwise, we might be headed for divorce), i put on the asics hyperspeed 3 racing flats and knocked off a 10k in 40 minutes. pretty good pace and i also concentrated on bringing the ankles toward my butt (some call it butt kicking). it's the first time i actively tried it and it felt weird at first but then i settled in and my legs were in constant motion, then i learned forward with the hips and took off. i'm not sure how long i can maintain that but it felt awesome to get my form down even if just for 6 miles.

so, tonight i'll take another run in my ascis to see what happens. i'm not leaving my VFFs (no, i'm not a 2 timer) but i need to decide whether the asics and VFFs can co-exist or if i must divorce one of them (right now we have an open relationship).


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