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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Be Thankful

Day 19-23.  I’m only taking the stairs except in a few instances where the office building can’t get their act together.  Several times I took the stairs; tried to access our floor and, guess what? . . . the door wouldn’t open.  So, back down to the lobby; I tell them about the problem; they say they’ll fix it.  I try it a few hours later and then the next day; in all cases, the door still won’t open.  To make matters worse it will not open from the stairs or the hallway.  I tell the lobby person again, and, again, it still has problems; works sometimes; doesn’t work others.  One would think, just for liability protection, if nothing else, they would fix the damn door . . . just baffling. 

Then, to make matters worse, some folks at the building have an attitude when you simply report a problem and except them to do their job.  Here’s an idea . . . do your job?  It is baffling that in this environment where we are blessed to have jobs (so much suffering out there) and we still have folks that don’t want to do their jobs . . . time for a reality check.

Here are 3 ideas:

1.      1.  Do your job!

2.       2. Don’t have a friggin attitude for no reason!

3.       3. Be thankful!  If that’s a challenge, just turn on the TV . . . there’s plenty of stories (unfortunately) of all the suffering in the world . . . we are blessed.

I’m 3 weeks from the marathon and, I have to admit, my feet are sore.  Probably mostly from the running but I do stand at work for at least 5 hours . . . . but I still feel great!!!

Join me in boycotting regular desks (stand up) and elevators (take the stairs); lastly, get off your butt, put on the running shoes, and pound the pavement . . . just one step at a time!



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