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Monday, June 28, 2010

We Were Born to Run

I was returning from lunch (and the shoe store) and I glance over my shoulder and there's a kid running damn fast completely barefoot on the sidewalk. I look ahead and about 4 blocks up the street is a neighborhood pool so the kid was obviously running to get to the pool. I would guess he was 6-7 yrs. old. His form was PERFECT and his stride was just beautiful and he has haulin'. He jumped off the sidewalk, onto the street, back to the sidewalk and didn't miss a beat. There were no cars behind me so I literally coasted along watching him (thankfully he didn't see me as I might have scared him as some stalker or something :). I couldn't stop looking as my jar dropped. This kid was haulin' with a perfect forefoot strike, quick stride, high cadence and nice slight lean forward.

Need I say more? This answers about every damn question you could ask. I know we have to spend years and cycles gathering the supporting data for what we believe but that single few minutes answered any questions for me!

This was a young white suburban kid running on hard surfaces and there are pebbles and stuff on the side walk and nothing bothered him. You could have put him in the rift valley with his barefeet and he would fit right in :). Of course, I'm sure it will only take a few more years in bad shoes and reducing him ability to run every day and he will be like the rest of us.


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