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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

My Foot Structure Has Changed

The muscles and tendons inside my foot have shifted of sorts. It's hard
to explain but it’s like the inside of the foot changed as a result of all
the barefoot/minimalist running and re-introducing my forefoot strike (I'm a
bit of an extreme forefoot strike as opposed to a midfoot strike . . . it

is quite often that during a 5k race for example, my heel doesn't touch

the ground . . . I'd say it's about 50/50 in terms of my heel kissing

the ground).

My mom said I also ran on my forefoot & toes as a child
and I think shoes changed that and, in fact, 3 years ago I was heel

striking and I believe now that I'm running in my natural state, my

foot adapted back to how it was designed when I born and that required

some shifting of the muscles/tendons inside the foot. This had to

happen because I have high arches but arches are irrelevant with

marshmallow shoes because they press against my arch and take over the

functions of the arch so I'm sure my arch was very weak and went to

sleep and now it is awake again. I do know that the muscles under my

foot stick out when I flex my foot and that was non-existent when I

started running 3 years ago.

It's crazy because now running in marshmallow shoes doesn't hurt but
it is very uncomfortable and I'm not nearly as fluid or efficient.

I'd like to see some before and after foot strengthening tests such as
the feet of a young East African who grew up barefoot compared to that

same kid after running in shoes for 5-10 years. Is the foot the

same? Is the foot weaker? stronger? different in any way?

All I really want is for every single runner to experience something
similar in their own way and at their own time. There's few things as

fun as running without injuries or fear of being injured. I love

music but nothing sounds as good as landing softly, running

effortlessly, listening to the branches on trees sway side to side,

glancing at the expansive skies above, and listening to nature play

its tune!!!!!


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