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Thursday, June 3, 2010

Feet Don't Like The Free's

This may be a very short experiment. I tried a combo run in the Evo's
and Free 3.0's and my feet said no way to the Frees. It didn't hurt
and there was no pain but my feet said no way. My feet literally, and
I'm not kidding, wouldn't move that much in the Frees (it was actually
kinda' funny). I could only run very slowly and labor along. I threw
them to the side of the trail, but on the Evo's and 5 minutes later,
I'm running at sub 7:00 pace easily. I did add a custom insole (the
stock Evo insole is too flimsy) and it worked very well although I
will still run without the insole, unless I'm racing in which case the
insole allows me to cheat just a bit but not too much.

Guess I will turn my attention to getting a trail shoe and then I'll
have everything covered: BF, KSOs, Evo's and Trail Shoe (?? . . . I'm leaning toward the Inov-8 F-Lite 230).


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