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Friday, June 4, 2010

Keep at it and Don't Give Up!

I decided to do some barefoot trail road running this morning and it
was awesome to say the least. I started with my Evo's for 20 minutes,
then took them off and went barefoot for 15 minutes. This trail path
was a path that I could not run barefoot on last year and haven't
tried it since. Well, I did 15 minutes at sub 7:15 pace with no
problem whatsoever. It was like running on grass. I had no pain and
the I didn't even notice the small pebbles and rocks.

On one hand, this tells me my form has improved dramatically and it
also tells me the Evo's are pretty darn good since I've been running
in them exclusively and haven't tried barefoot on these dirt paths, so
in addition to form, the Evo provides a good substitute for
barefoot . . . it's obviously not as good as barefoot but it pretty
good for me to immediately take them off and have no problem. In
fact, I cut my run short because I felt too good and I've learned to
build slowly. I could have kept going for who knows how long but I'll
work my way up again.

These are dirt paths I swore a year ago were impossible to run
barefoot and now they are so easy and so enjoyable to run barefoot
(I'm so relaxed now so I'm sure that has a lot to do with it). I was
in heaven because these roads go for 20+ miles so now I can do 100%
barefoot dirt road running this summer . . . I can't wait.

The message is to keep at it, keep practicing and don't give up
because around the corner is good stuff.


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