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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Zero Drop Nike Free Run+

My new zero dropped Nike Free Run+. The cobbler did a great job again (he previously zero dropped my Nike Free 3.0's). I believe this is as close as you can get to a Nike Free 1.0 without destroying the shoe. They feel awesome and I'll report back after my run in them tomorrow.

The great thing is if they work, then I don't have to worry about Nike cancelling production of the Free 3.0 which is a possibility. Nike seems committed to the Free Run+ with all the marketing dollars they've thrown behind it. It's also empowering to know you can take a shoe and modify it to your liking (Gordon Pirie sure did it).

I wonder how Nike would feel about this?



  1. Nice job Harry. I think it also serves to illustrate just how ridiculous that heel was to begin with. I was in Foot Locker (sporting my Vibrams) yesterday and wondering how yours would turn out in fact.

    It looks like it will work anyway :)

  2. I agree. There's just no support for big elevated heels anymore from any shoe manufacturer. At a minimum, they need to take a percentage of the inventory and start providing flat sole shoes.

  3. I agree. They need to stop producing the heel build up shoes. There's no defensive-able position to doing it anymore.


  4. How exactly does the cobbler do this? Or how would I explain it to one?


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