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Sunday, July 4, 2010

No Mid-Foot Strike For Me; Only Forefoot

After a week of trying to move from a forefoot to mid-foot strike (don't ask me why I tried it), I'm done. I really tried it and got to point where I landed mid-foot in a relaxed state but I could feel thetension on my plantar and achilles. One would think the opposite, right? A forefoot strike would put more tension on those areas, right? At least that's what I thought and why I tried it but the reverse occurred. I quit the mid-foot experiment yesterday after a very minor PF flaw up in the left ankle and minor tension in the achilles on the right ankle. This morning I returned to my forefoot strike, and all is good . . . no pain or injury (PF fine; AT fine).

This long journey I've been on (coming on 3 years) has cemented my belief and goal which is that I want to run in shoes the same way I run barefoot. I run with a forefoot strike barefoot so I should run with a forefoot strike in shoes. I wasn't born with Nikes on my feet so the barefoot strike is my natural and correct foot strike. I can only wear shoes that allow me to maintain a forefoot strike and any heel build-up interferes with my forefoot strike. Cushion doesn't interfere but the heel does so the only shoes I can wear must be zero dropped.

A complicated journey over the years with a simple/easy resolution and conclusion.


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