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Thursday, July 1, 2010

Migrating Up?

It's been an interesting 10 days. For the past 10 days I've only run in zero dropped running shoes, the Nike Free 3.0 and Asics Hyperspeed (my primary running shoe is the Evo). I've run in these shoes with no issue, injury or problem. It begs one question. How critical is ground feel? Or, is the heel build-up that is the primary issue? I know GB said this months ago but it didn't hit me until recently. There's a threshold of course but by and large, cushion isn't bothering me even as it removes some of the ground feel but the cushion amount needs to stay in the area of cushion on most racing shoes (4mm - 15mm).

I'm starting to believe shoes and cushion aren't bad if the shoe is (1) zero dropped to remove any heel differential and (2) very flexible. On the other hand, what is bad is (1) heel build-up and (2) arch support, especially any plastic or material in the arch area that makes the arch area rigid.

I know every runner is different and this is my evolution but thought I'd share it. Tuck predicted I'd end up like Anton K.; he's probably right!!!



  1. You're going to start running ultras? ;)

  2. Ah, the similarities with Anton are quick and simple and nothing more :). No, ultras are not part of the game plan. Doubt I could easily finish a marathon right now as all my work recently has been middle distance speed work. Kinda' funny since last year my long runs were 20-30 miles and now that are 10-12 miles. But the former me was constantly injured and the new me is healthy; I like the new me.

  3. I always suspected my AT was caused more by the heel rise than the cushioning. That being said, once I took my 6 month hiatus from regular shoes I realized the lack of cushioning was making my feet seriously strong. So now its train barefoot or minimal and race with thin-cushioned shoes with minimal drop. This seems to be working and I haven't gotten hurt. Thanks for your help, Harry. I don't know that this would have happened if I didn't read your stuff.


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