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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Understand the absorption process

I knew this was coming . . . the absorption run. After a few weeks of increasing my weekly mileage to the 60 mile per week range, I knew an absorption run was on the horizon. An absorption run is the result of any material increase in mileage, pace or intensity and while you may feel great right after such an increase, the fact is the body is in shock and there's a point where it needs to absorb the change, down to the muscles, fibers and tendons and this morning I could feel the absorption process in full effect during my run, hence why I made sure to run slow and easy.

The impact of big changes isn't necessarily felt immediately but otherwise weeks down the road.  How many times have you run unexpectedly fast or long and feel fine the next few days?  Well, that's the beginning of the absorption process but eventually you will feel the impacts of the changes and how you deal with that point in time will determine whether you benefit or suffer from the changes.  It's at this time, after a material change in your running, where if you do not completely and fully listen to your body, you can take a turn for the worse. But, if you are listening and understanding this process, your body and mind will come out stronger and will rebuild with the understanding and expectation that such an increase is a permanent thing so it will adjust accordingly.

As I made the decision to increase my weekly mileage from 40-50 to 60-70 miles per week, I understood that I would have to navigate through the absorption process.  This is one reason I've slightly backed off the number and intensity of my hard runs as I need to absorb the mileage and duration increase, allow my body and mind to adjust, then slowly add back other elements.  The absorption process can be a beautiful thing if you understand what's going on and respond accordingly.


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