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Thursday, November 22, 2012

No motivation - Goal one: just figure out how to get our that door (just one step)

So here's the story. Woke up in the beautiful Cuchara mountain range at the base of the mountains at about 8,000 ft. I had absolutely no motivation to run . . . there's hills everywhere (no way to avoid them) and there was a strong wind (ingredients to not do anything but you must fight that off) so when I feel like this, I do a few simple things.
First, I put on my running gear and that always helps. Second, I decide to run for 20-30 minutes very slow and see how I feel. Lastly, I'm fine with whatever happens and as is often the case, what I thought might be a short run turned into a long run (about 13 miles).
I was surrounded by 13,000 ft. mountains and just smiled as I continued to run through gods country . . . open country roads and nothing but the sound of the wind. No humans around, just deer, cows and a fox, and, oh yea, a country dog that followed me for about 10 miles (he followed me home). I called the owner, showered, then met the owner to return his dog (it was a herding dog).
No better way to start Thanksgiving. It took me many years to learn how to push through those non-motivation days. Don't take the day off . . . push yourself out that door . . . this is what separates the committed runners from the no so committed runners . . . the "all in" runners figure out how to get out that door (it's a mind game). Best thing is many times, these turn out to be your best runs!
Happy Thanksgiving (or Holiday) to all!!!

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