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Thursday, November 15, 2012

Live in cold weather: Double Up

This is for my cold weather friends that live in cold weather states like myself.  For you lucky folks that live in warm weather places, well, we are jealous and there's no need for you to read this post but feel free to do so if you like :).  So, it's a challenge to maintain a solid weekly mileage base when you have to deal with below freezing temperatures, ice and/or snow.  So, here's some ideas and approaches that have allowed me to not only maintain mileage but also not lose the fitness levels I've acquired through the preceding spring and summer.

The basis theme is to "Double Up" and "leverage the treadmill," but don't forget the trails and/or roads as only running on the treadmill does not allow your body to adjust to the different impact forces of running outside . . . with that in mind, here's couple ideas:

1.  Using my 60 miles per week goal (as an example), run 6 miles in the morning (either outside or inside on the treadmill), followed by 6 miles in the evening (either outside or inside on the treadmill).  This gives you flexibility as to when to run outside (morning or evening) and it will equate to a good long run in terms of total mileage.

2.  Split up a single run into a 30-45 minute warm-up on the treadmill, then do 20-40 minutes outside.  The advantage is that you will be fully warmed up from the treadmill and you can generally brave the cold conditions for 20-30 minutes or so which also allows you body to maintain familiarity with running outside (again, only running on the treadmill does not allow you body to adjust to the different impact forces of running outside on dirt or roads; the treadmill is "fake" and the conditions are "too perfect," which is not the real world :)

Remember, you substitute your mileage, time and/or running goals into the equation but the basic principal is to double up whether running once or twice in a day (I just used times and goals based on what I do).

Hope this helps . . .


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