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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Background on the Puma H-Street . . . my primary running shoe

So the Puma H-Street is my primary running shoe and effectively my exclusive running shoe (except for some rare days here and there when I pull out one of my other minimalist shoes).

As you may or may not know, the Puma H-Street was Anton Krupicka's primary running shoe for years until they discontinued it but turn the clock forward, Puma reintroduced the H-Street to the market earlier this year and it's such a beautiful shoe but enough from me as this is how it was described by Anton Krupicka (for those that don't know Anton, he is one of the best ultra runners on the planet):

"In August, I started running in Puma H-Streets very regularly---basically for all of my running. These are absolutely beautiful minimalist shoes that are, unfortunately, discontinued. They have been updated with the Puma Saloh that I am interested in trying out but I'm not interested in all of the new synthetic overlays. The H Street was such a great shoe (I would put 1000-1500 miles on a pair--long after my foot would start poking out the side of the upper) that I never really endeavored to go for anything lower than this. I once ran to the top of Pikes Peak and back in the H Streets, but couldn't go as fast as I wanted on the way down because of the lack of protection. However, in the spring/summer of 2005 I logged several 200 mile weeks and a couple 30 and 40 milers in nothing but H Streets. Their main drawback was their lack of traction. The outsole was nothing but little nubbins that I would wear down fairly quickly. These shoes look to me to be a good update to the H Street with greater traction and durability (but, probably a bit heavier).

If Anton wasn't currently sponsored by New Balance and if Puma had not discontinued the original H-Street, one has to wonder if Anton would have ever changed shoes and, most likely, he would be sponsored by Puma but New Balance's gain and Puma's loss but thank god Puma reintroduced the H-Street . . . it's a beautiful designed shoe because of the absolutely simplicity . . . just a soft light upper and a thin 10mm sole . . . no arch support, no stability support, NADA . . . nothing more, nothing less and that's exactly what my foot wants :)


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