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Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Ditch the foam roller and save $

Like many, I use the hard form roller for, among other things, massaging my IT band and calves muscles but if you want to both save money and have a more mobile alternative, use the tennis balls.  In fact, not only is it much easier to travel with but it's more effective due to the smaller round design which works the muscles better and deeper.  However, take note, that the tennis ball will effectively provide a deep muscle massage which, well, can hurt!!!  At least, it will likely hurt at first until you get through the transition phase but if you stay with it, there's big rewards.

A trouble area for me has always been my left calf which is suffered a slight tear several years back (I ran through deep snow, lot feeling in my feet, and ran several miles with a severe forehand strike which led to the tear . . . stupidity on my part but I'll provide another post on those runners that consciously try to forefoot land and end up landing on their toes which puts tremendous stress on the calf and achilles tendon but that's a topic for another day) and while I healed up, I can feel slight tension from time to time, especially when I ramp up my miles so I started using the hard form roller and it's been extremely effective and useful.  However, it's a pain when I travel, especially for more than 2-3 days so I discovered the tennis ball (I also tried a beer bottle) and it hurt a bit at first as it goes much deeper than the hard form roller but it was quite effective.

Anyway, give it a try.  It's cheap, lasts forever and is easy to travel with . . . of course, running stores and outlets would not want this to become a trend :)


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