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Saturday, August 7, 2010

That Commitment Thing Again

Listening to Emmitt Smith's Hall-of-Fame induction speech tonight reminded me of one of the most important factors in achieving any level of success . . . COMMITMENT and PRACTICE.

Emmitt talked about commitment and practice being one of 5 key pillars and factors in his life. He said you must "take that next step, every day." Good days, bad, days, it's doesn't matter, but you must "take that next step." There is an absolute correlation between practice, commitment and success.

I was thinking about speed and running faster times. My improvement didn't start until I decided to practice running faster and it all started on the TRACK. Now, I am not fond of the track and it goes against everything that drives my love for running. I prefer dirt trails and nature but I have to admit, the speed and pace improvement is directly correlated to the practicing and committing to the dreaded 200's, 400's, 800's, 1200's, and 1600's. It's the intervals at the track that push performance and even improve my efficiency on regular runs.

I don't necessarily look forward to the track but I know I must take that next step if I want any chance at success. This commitment translates to every aspect of life. Win, lose or draw, it's about "taking that next step."

Whether it's the 10,000 hour rule, the 3 year rule, or Malcolm Gladwell's "Outliers," it's all about doing whatever your thing is, over and over and over and over. For me, that's getting up every morning, putting on the running shoes, and heading out the door to "take that next step."


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  1. Hi, I just came across your blog and enjoyed reading it very much. I'm experimenting with running styles (better posture, relaxed arms held high, shorter stride) and I'm researching which "barefoot" shoes I should invest in. I know that I'm not interested in the Vibram's, but I'm considering the Nike Free 5.0. Haven't heard of Evo; think I'll check those out too. I've been inspired by MacDougall's book and I recently heard Michael Sandler speak and found his story quite compelling. Thanks for sharing your experiences!


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