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Monday, March 8, 2010

New Running Program Going Well So Far

My new running program is going well so far. I now do 1 hard run per week, on Saturday, which I call "The Mix," which is a 10-12 mile combined tempo and interval workout, including a barefoot warm-up. This gives me the time to properly warm-up and warm down and progressively ease into the speed work.

I then follow-up this hard run with a long slower run on Sunday (8-14 miles). The prepares me to run while fatigued and keeps my pace down because of the weary legs and also always me to work on form and technique (my thought is if you can maintain good form while fatigued and tired then it's much easier to do it when energized). The workouts during the week are mostly "easy runs," other than 1 shorter medium intensity run.

All of this is working very well and fits within my professional and private life.



  1. I am impressed. you have more self descipline than I have :-)

  2. I highly recommend this approach regardless of the miles. I'm doing 10-12 on Saturday and Sunday but even 5-6 each would work. The point is to reach the fatigue zone on Saturday then run fatigued on the next day.


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