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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Evo - Blister Solution

Like a few other folks, the top of the Evo was rubbing against the toe next to my big toe on each foot. I also had some rubbing on the back heel. I was putting athletic stretch tape on the toe and back of my heel and that was working but I was getting sick of doing it every day. However, I think I found the solution. I took some Moleskin and put it in the inside of the
forefoot of the shoe (attached it to the shoe) at the same point where it rubs on both toes and added a patch on the back of the heel of the shoe and I had no rubbing at all on my run today. The Moleskin stuck to the shoe just fine and looks like it will stay in place.

Engo patches which also attach to the shoe instead of your foot (I just happened to have extra Moleskin so I used
that) would work. Pretty good solution ($5 patch of Moleskin) in return for no Plantar Fasciitis or Achilles Tendinitis,
that's a fair deal to me. However, Evo should address this issue in their next version.

With that said, 2 weeks with the Evo and it is still the best footwear I've ever had. I have a feeling this shoe will last a long long time. The construction is so solid, yet so simple. The Evo is starting to mold to my foot like a glove yet still gives me plenty of room for my foot and toes to move around. Brilliant design, yet so simple.


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