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Saturday, March 6, 2010

Evo - Better With No Insole

I removed the insole from the Evo's for my run today and it was even better than my previous runs in the Evo's. I did 11 miles, actually 9 in the Evo's because it was so nice out, I did the first 2 miles outside barefoot, then went back home to put on the Evo's. Without the insoles, the Evo's really felt similar to the KSO's in terms of ground feel. Also, without the insole, the weight dropped at least 1-1.2oz., dropping the weight below 7 oz. Going forward, I will run without the insoles.

The best part is how I feel 10 hours later. I feel great. While I give some credit to the Evo, the real credit goes to BF. I had a great warm-up running barefoot outside and the real story is that for the first time ever, I took my pace below 7:00 to 6:40 running barefoot on asphalt. When I put on the Evo's, I was able to maintain basically the exact BF form and technique for 8 miles, but the last mile I could feel my form start to fall apart so I decided to warm-down and head home. During the 8 miles, I did heavy hill work and for many of the miles, I maintained a 6:30 pace, so it was a good test for me.

The biggest difference is while running barefoot, I have a forefoot strike and when I put on the Evo's I maintained a forefoot strike for 8 miles, then when I got sloppy I could feel the change to a midfoot strike. Not that there's anything wrong with a midfoot strike but it's not my natural foot strike. I also prefer the forefoot strike because the energy return is much great forefoot vs. midfoot.

I'm feeling real strong again but, again, the bulk of the credit goes to barefoot running. The Evo does a great job of greatly reducing any interference with the natural functioning of the foot.


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