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Sunday, March 14, 2010

Evo's Continue to Impress

I've put the Evo's through every type of run I do and, after 3 weeks,
it is still the best footwear I've ever had. The blisters were an
issue but I've found a solution to that (top caps). The last test for
me was whether the Evo was minimalist enough to penalize me for bad
form/technique. Well, it did today.

Last week I changed my weekly running schedule such that I do a 10-14
mile hard run (combo tempo & interval on hills) on Saturday followed
by a 8-14 mile slow run on Sunday. The purpose is to run while
fatigued on Sunday and build my endurance. Yesterday was a hard run
(tempo & intervals on big hills) so my legs were really fatigued when
I did my 8 mile run today and this is when bad form/technique can

I got really tired around mile 5 and I did a heel strike and it hurt.
Suffice to say, I did not do it again. I'm a natural forefoot strike
but it shows what can happen as you get fatigued. While the heel
strike hurt, I smiled because this is what we want, that it, immediate
feedback for a mistake instead of allowing the bad habit to continue
until a serious injury surfaces.

I've been running without the insole and it makes a big difference in
terms of ground feel and weight. After the run today, my feet are
sore but I know my feet are getting a real workout in the Evo. The
best part is no PF and AT issues since I started using the Evo.
However, I continue daily feet strengthening so I'm sure that has a
lot to do with it. I still can feel my feet changing as they
strengthen and adapts to zero drop, no heel. I can literally feel my
Achilles lengthening and my plantar stretching. I never progressed
far enough with my KSOs last year to do long hard runs but I remember
the sore feet feeling I got with the KSOs and it is basically
identical with the Evo.


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