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Thursday, February 11, 2010

In Pursuit of the Right Mix

So the journey continues for the right mix of shod vs. unshod. Living in a colder climate like I do, I can't run barefoot all the time. Also, running in the mountains like I do means I need to wear some type of shoe as the terrain and elements are too rough for even VFFs, Feelmax's or any other similar type of footwear. All this means is that I'm still figuring out the answer to "The Million Dollar Question" (see post below). I do know that barefoot running must play a key role in my running regime but I will also need to wear other footwear like water socks (Speedo water socks pic below) or VFFs but I'll also need to wear running shoes at times. When I have to wear running shoes, it will be the Mizuno Wave Universe 3 as I still believe they are the best running shoes made and only weight 3.6 ounces (picture on the right).
I'm still thinking as close to a 50/50 shod vs. unshod mix is the right answer.


  1. Any chance cobblers can combine and customize a shoe for your own liking?

    Not sure if they actually do that, but who knows.

  2. Very expensive route to make shoes from scratch; expensive road to take and very few cobblers left. Also, if an existing shoe modified and messed up, the shoe is ruined and you have no recourse.


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