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Saturday, February 27, 2010

Evo Review - Long/Hard Run

Today I did a hard 10 mile progressive tempo hilly run in the Evo's and one word describes the experience, "AWESOME." This shoe was designed specifically for me, so much that I wonder if they got a hold of the design of my foot :).

After a 15 minute barefoot warm-up, I did 15 minutes at 9:00 pace, 20 minutes at 8:00 pace, 15 minutes at 6:55 pace and then a 15 min. cool down at 8.41 pace. It was everything I hoped it would be. The shoe doesn't interfere with any of my mechanics as it allows the complete natural function of my feet. My Plantar and Achilles could not be happier. The zero drop is perfect . When I took my pace to 6:55, I was relaxed and I could not over-stride in the Evo's which makes it a very similar experience to the BF. I was only exerting about a 80% effort at that pace and my stride was quick and fluid, uphill and downhill.

At 6:55 pace, I'm within :30 seconds of my race pace so it was a good test for the Evo and my body since I haven't done a tempo run at that pace since suffering PF. And, the best part was no hint of PF after the run. All I have is "mildly sore feet," and you BF'ers know that's music to the ear . . . sore feet is easy to deal with but AF, PF, Runner's Knee, etc. are debilitating injuries.

Also, it was about 20F when I started my run and I didn't even use toe warmers of anything and my feet were warm the entire way . . . not even a trace of coldness in the toes. If I wore my KSOs or Treks, my toes would have been too cold to run anywhere near this distance.

I ran over trails, concrete and asphalt, all hilly, so I put them through a good test. The Evo's are wonderful.


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