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Thursday, February 25, 2010

I'm Wearing My Evos!

I'm holding my new Evos. Just walked in them and my first impression is "AWESOME." Of course, the real test is my run tomorrow. The sole easily comes out and it's clear they were developed to give the person the choice to remove it.

They are sleek looking; extremely cool. They look like a new cutting edge running shoe. Completely flat from forefoot to mid foot to heel. No heel buildup and no arch support. In other words, my dream running shoe. My foot is great device by itself, as is the case for every human being, so I don't need a shoe that tries to replicate or improve what the human body perfected over the past Millions of Years.

More to come . . .


  1. Waauw they are beautiful, will probably also buy a pair. At last a shoe that not only is good for minimalist running but also looks good.
    I have put up a social network for sharing free information between barefoot/minimalist runners. You have some experience with overcoming PF i am sure there are some people on the forum would be interested.

  2. Agreed re the Evo. I'll check out the social network site.


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