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Friday, November 13, 2009

Hill Tempos Kicked My Butt

Finished a tempo session this morning, all on hills and it kicked my butt. I'm still sore hours later. It included a 20 minute warm-up, four 5 minute sprints, and 20 min. warm down. The sprints were brutal as my goal was to average about a 6:00 min. pace and I ended up more in the 6:30 minute pace but given that I don't do a lot of hill training, I was happy. Plus, 1 yr. ago it was rare for me to consistently run below a 7 min. pace and now I commonly run in the 6:00 min. pace range and every now and then, dip into the 5:0o min. range.

With my new training schedule, I'm getting stronger and faster. This is the best I've felt in my running career (albeit, only 2.5 years). I'm diggin' it.


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