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Monday, November 2, 2009

Another Racing Flat Week

I completed another week in the worlds lightest racing flats and I feel good . . . no pain or injuries. Over the weekend I really tested the Mizuno's with a 7 mile hard tempo run with .5 mile sprints on Saturday followed by a 13 mile long easy run with 1 min. sprints on Sunday. They felt great and I can still feel the ground as they have tremendous ground feel for a racing shoe.

One thing I've noticed is my foot seems to go through an adaption phase each time I change my running approach whether it's barefoot, VFF, racing flats, Moccs, etc. For me, it's pretty clear my feet require consistency so I'm not going to be able to make many changes to my running gear. I've decided to continue with only VFFs and my racing flats (Mizuno Universe 3's) with Mizuno's replacing VFFs as my primary running gear and using VFFs for additional strengthening. This decision is largely based on the winter forcing me to replace the VFFs and my desire to not switch shoes regularly based on weather (this may change if VFFs decide to develop a VFF for the winter/snow).

We'll see how it goes and I'll keep reporting back.



  1. I have wide feet and always buy 2E sneakers. I run in VFF KSO's, aqua socks, and NB 903's but am looking for a wide racing flat. Do you think the Mizuno Universe 3's would be wide enough if I sized up 1/2 or 1 size? Thanks.


  2. I've noticed that too along the way, the adaptations that your body makes every time you change gear. I only run in the 3's now, and if I feel like I need to tune my form, I hit a track barefoot and skip the Vibram's (weather permitting). I've found personally that if I need to tune my form I only need to put in a couple miles barefoot. The local dirt track is usually cleaned off even when it snows so I usually can go barefoot for several miles, tune up, and get my shoes back on before my feet freeze.


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