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Saturday, September 12, 2009

Longest VFF run

What a great morning. Just finished my longest VFF run. 16 miles in 2 hrs. I've been working toward this distance in VFFs so I could compare it against my prior long runs in regular running shoes. Well, given this result, I can retire my running shoes. This distance/pace is every bit, if not better, than what I did in running shoes. Plus, I have complete command of my body without running shoes. I feel the surface and I can feel every tweak I make in my running form . . . it's a beautiful thing. My running form and efficiency is improving tremedously due to barefoot running and Vibram running.

If you haven't tried it, you don't know what you are missing.



  1. Pretty cool stuff! New to BFing and VFFing.

  2. Hopefully it changes your running life the way it did mine. I'm done with traditional running shoes.


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